Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dr. Lapchick on ESPN's Outside The Lines

Last week, The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES) published its latest study examining the academic performance measures of teams playing in this year's round of college football bowl games. The release of this study coincided with an increased industry and media focus on the lack of African-American head football coaches. Dr. Lapchick wrote an excellent article on the matter that was published on ESPN, which you should take the time to read here.

Additionally, Dr. Lapchick was part of a round table discussion on this past Sunday's episode of Outside the Lines, which highlighted the controversial Auburn University hire and the failures of other universities to genuinely consider African-Americans for their head coaching vacancies. The video of that discussion can be seen on the Outside The Lines Web Page under the link "OTL Roundtable: Civil Rights Movement," or with the right browser, in the embedded video below.

As always, all of Dr. Lapchick's articles and the studies he publishes with researching assistance from DeVos Graduate Students can be found on the TIDES Web Page.

Checking In... End of First Semester

Long time no blog! Sorry for the delay in creating new posts, but we have just finished up a busy first semester. With finals out of the way, I can now take a few moments to wrap up how our first round of classes finished up.

As is par for the course, the end of the semester brought its typical deluge of assignments and projects to complete in addition to prepping for tough exams (i.e. Dr. Pennington's doozy of an economics test). Between creating original videos poking fun at organizational behavior concepts to running and analyzing regressions on statistical software, we were definitely challenged and learned a great deal through these assignments. With four M.B.A. courses now completed, we look forward to the spring semester where we will take our first classes with Dr. Lapchick and Dr. Harrison as well as continuing with three more business courses.

Before we get to spring however, we have a few weeks off to spend with family and friends and to recharge our batteries. Some of our class will be heading down to New Orleans tomorrow to continue work with Hope For Stanley and the rebuilding efforts there, so we wish them safe travels and hopes for another rewarding experience. We will be sure to post pictures and reactions from the latest New Orelans trip in the coming weeks.

Enjoy the Day and Happy Holidays,