Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Summer Class Blitz

A quick update on the Class of 2010. We've been keeping very busy this summer with four classes. The classes range from the final portion of our MBA core (Information Systems) to a leadership seminar led by Dr. Harrison. Additionally, our class had the choice of whether to take an events planning course with Dr. Harrison or a professional sales class led by Dr. Sutton and Dr. Gundy, as well as the choice between a pro sports seminar or independent college sports study.

Although the time commitment required to complete summer classes is undoubtedly taxing, we are learning some valuable lessons through projects that are applicable to the real-world. In addition to polishing up on our interview and business etiquette skills, we are working on an exciting t-shirt sales promotion with a professional sports franchise that requires us to work on every step of the process from initial design to final implementation. Meanwhile, several of our capstone sport marketing projects are starting to take shape and will come to full fruition in the coming weeks and months.

When the semester ends, we'll blog to let you know how some of our projects turned out. Until then, its back to the grind. Take care.

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