Monday, January 11, 2010

"Back to school, back to school to prove to Dad I'm not a fool..."
~ Adam Sandler (Billy Madison)

As of yesterday, my second semester as a graduate student has officially begun. The Class of 2011 is back in the swing of things and the class of 2010 is out there in the "real world" working at jobs and beginning their internships. For me it's an exciting time, a real chance for myself and my classmates to grow within our program. For the first time we are taking classes with the directors as we will see Dr.'s Lapchick and Harrison in our classrooms in the coming semester.

It is a chance for us to delve into classes more specific to our sports management degree and to learn about the specific industry of sport. It is also a time when our class will realize it's just us here and we get the unique opportunity to take responsibility and pursue different opportunities for ourselves and the program.

There are a lot of things going on for me to be excited about this semester as I take the reins of Hope For Stanley, take sports classes, and as some of us get to start work on a new book with Dr. Lapchick but what has me the most excited? A sign up sheet hanging in the DeVos office for interview sign-ups.

That's right. Soon enough, my classmates and I will be interviewing the applicants who wish to be a part of the class of 2012. For me it means that it won't be just us 11ers in here for long. I am excited to meet each and every one of you who hope to be a part of this great program and continue our great tradition.

For those of you who have not yet applied, it's still not too late! Go online and fill out the application, submit your GMAT score, and get those letters of recommendation. I know that a number of you have worked really hard for this purpose and I hope to see all of you in Orlando real soon!

Best of luck this semester!
~ Devan

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