Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Meet the Class - Anna

One of the unique attributes of the DeVos Sport Business Management Program is the network of students who make up our program. Our class will take every course together during our tenure here at UCF and we will work on countless group projects and collaborative efforts. As a result of our shared interests in the business of sport, a natural team camaraderie is formed. However, our team is composed of people from diverse backgrounds, experiences and ambitions. We offer profiles of class members to give you an idea as to the type of people who make up our program, individuals who collectively will be leaders in sport and society and will be teammates for life.

Name: Anna Florzak

Hometown: Kansas City, Missouri

Undergraduate School & Major: Iowa State University Major: Marketing & Minor: Textiles and Clothing

Past Sports Industry Experiences: Iowa State University Basketball 2006-2010, Iowa State University Cross Country 2009,
Marketing Intern Kansas City Chiefs 2009, Special Events Athletic Intern Iowa State University 2009-2010

Current G.A. or Sports Industry Related Internship/Job: Graduate Assistant, The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport
Reasons for Choosing the DeVos Program: When I first read about the DeVos Program, it was difficult to believe that such a program existed. My head told me it might just be a tremendous job of internal marketing; my heart wanted to believe such a program really existed. When I had the opportunity to interview last spring between the 1st and 2nd round of the NCAA tournament, I had the opportunity to experience not only the authenticity of the program but also experience the incredible leadership that makes it that way. I will never forget how much joy I felt after my interview, and I prayed that becoming part of the DeVos family was in God’s plan for me.

Future Career Ambitions: I have two ambitions: to be an Athletic Director at a Division 1 school and to write a book on my experiences as an athlete.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why? I would want the power to look into the future to see where the journey of my life will take me.

If you had the opportunity to interview anyone dead or alive, who would you choose and what would you most want to know? I would interview Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, a champion of human rights. Everything she ever said and everything she ever did was worth understanding and remembering. I would ask her where she got her energy, passion, and stamina to always do the right thing for the right reason. I would also ask her what she thought about at night right before she went to sleep.

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