Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet the Class - Chris S.

One of the unique attributes of the DeVos Sport Business Management Program is the network of students who make up our program. Our class will take every course together during our tenure here at UCF and we will work on countless group projects and collaborative efforts. As a result of our shared interests in the business of sport, a natural team camaraderie is formed. However, our team is composed of people from diverse backgrounds, experiences and ambitions. We offer profiles of class members to give you an idea as to the type of people who make up our program, individuals who collectively will be leaders in sport and society and will be teammates for life.

Name: Christopher D. Sarpy

Hometown: New Orleans, LA

Undergraduate School & Major: Tulane University: Undergraduate Major was Finance; also earned a Master of Accounting from Tulane Graduate School

Past Sports Industry Experiences:
*Worked for Gatorade during the NBA All-Star Weekend in New Orleans.

Current G.A. or Sports Industry Related Internship/Job:
*Graduate Assistant for The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES)
*Graduate Assistant for the Hope for Stanley Alliance
*Premium Game Day Services Representative for UCF Football

Reasons for Choosing the DeVos Program:
I chose the DeVos Program because it had been repeatedly mentioned as one of the most respected programs in the nation. I was also impressed by the networking potential built through the program’s association with so many significant figures in the sports world.

Future Career Ambitions (1 to 2 sentences):
I would like to work as a business analyst for an NFL, NBA, MLS, NHL, or MLB franchise, or I would like to work in a capology position for the NFL or NBA.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why?
I would like to be able to teleport because it would be an unbelievable experience to travel all over the world without the concerns of cost and time.

If you had the opportunity to interview anyone dead or alive, who would you choose and what would you most want to know?
I would choose to interview former NFL Commissioners Bert Bell and Pete Rozelle. I would like to hear their views regarding the modern NFL, and I would ask what it means to them to be the architects of what is now the most popular & prominent professional sports league in the US.

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