Monday, September 22, 2008

Living Classroom 2.0 - New Year, New Class

Greetings everyone! The time since our last blog post has been regrettably long, but we are back to give you insight into the exciting goings-on in the DeVos Sport Business Management Program at UCF.

The Class of 2010 has already been in classes for a full month (!) and if I do say so myself, we have acclimated very quickly to both the rigors of the program and the many outside-the-classroom activities we can participate in. The first semester is all business, literally, as we take four of our M.B.A courses in statistics, economics, accounting and organizational behavior. We had our first major exam this morning so please wish us luck on the grade front.

Our most important test of the semester may actually take place tonight on the intramural fields, as our class does battle with the Class of 2009 in a game of co-ed Intramural Flag Football. In honor of our victory, I’ll post our winning score in the blog tomorrow (clearly nothing stings more than blog smack talk).

We have had the pleasure of listening to Dr. Bernard Franklin, Senior V.P. for Governance, Membership, and Education and Research Services for the NCAA. Dr. Franklin was our first guest in the Distinguished Speaker Series at DeVos. Dr. Franklin gave a fantastic presentation discussing his prominent role in college athletics, particularly his experiences with the controversial Native-American Mascot legislation. Students in both the 2009 and 2010 classes enjoyed Dr. Franklin’s candor and openness to questions regarding a wide issue of topics. On Friday, we are all looking forward to listening to author and former NFL all-pro linebacker David Meggyesy and next week, we will travel to Daytona to meet with the leadership of NASCAR. These should be some fascinating meetings that will give all of us greater insight to both the business and social issues of sport.

In the coming days, we’ll show you more of the life of a DeVos student and introduce to you the new class members who will be posting in the future. We're excited to share with you details from our memorable trip to New Orleans (that picture is all of us in the Class of 2010 with Dr. Lapchick and his wife Ann in New Orleans) and our unique community service activities. For any prospective students out there please feel free to post comments or ask questions of us at We are more than happy to talk about ourselves (modest much?) and how awesome the DeVos program has been for us this first month.

Enjoy the day

Class of 2010

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