Thursday, October 30, 2008

Community Service - Scholar Baller

Scholar Baller seeks to bridge the gap between the educational, athletic, and entertainment communities in America. By eliminating the cultural disconnects between these three entities, student- athletes will gain a more holistic understanding for how education, sport and entertainment can become one healthy lifestyle. This will in turn help student-athletes create a positive self-image and compete with passion and integrity in all aspects of their life.

On Saturdays, the volunteers for this service organization teach the Scholar Baller curriculum to students from the YMCA Black Achievers program. The students in the Black Achievers program consist of 9th-12th grade male and females from various high schools in the Orlando area. The six main principles in the Scholar Baller curriculum include lessons on self identity and social identity, the competitive spirit, scholar baller paradigm/ standard, vision, purpose, mission, and goals, decision making system, and vision, industry, self-respect, perseverance, success and humility. In addition to teaching the Scholar Baller curriculum, the volunteers in this organization also assist with the YMCA Black Achiever Junior-Senior sessions. During these sessions, the volunteers serve as mentors to high school junior and seniors and assist them with various components of the college application process and ultimately help them prepare for post-secondary education.

When asked about her views on the Scholar Baller Program, Nicole Fowler (Class of 2010) said that "I have never come across a program like Scholar-Baller that uses a unique mix of sport, entertainment and education to mentor students-athletes to be positive role models and give back to the community. It is very rewarding to help these great student-athletes realize that they can be successful on the field, in the classroom, and in life."

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