Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Meet The Class 2011 - Devan

One of the unique attributes of the DeVos Sport Business Management Program is the network of students who make up our program. Our class will take every course together during our tenure here at UCF and we will work on countless group projects and collaborative efforts. As a result of our shared interests in the business of sport, a natural team camaraderie is formed. However, our team is composed of people from diverse backgrounds, experiences and ambitions. We offer profiles of class members to give you an idea as to the type of people who make up our program, individuals who collectively will be leaders in sport and society and will be teammates for life.

Name: Devan Dignan

Hometown: Grant City, MO

Undergraduate School & Major: THE University of Central Missouri (UCM); Speech Communication and Political Science

Past Sports Industry Experiences: Game Announcer, Clubhouse Manager, and Assistant General Manager for St. Joe Blacksnakes Minor League Baseball Club; Marketing and Promotions Intern for the UCM Office of Athletic Promotions; Guest and Premium Services for University of Central Florida (UCF) Athletics

Current G.A. or Sports Industry Related Internship/Job: Graduate Assistant for The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sport (TIDES), Graduate Assistant for Hope for Stanley Alliance

Reasons for Choosing the DeVos Program: I was attracted to DeVos for a variety of reasons. I want to work in the sports industry and I wanted to go to a Top 5 program that offered a dual masters’, and while these are great reasons to choose DeVos those were only minor for me. The main reason I chose this program was because “there is something about sport” and I am excited to be in a program that recognizes that and not only understands the role of diversity and community engagement in sport but creates opportunities for the students to experience these things and how to use these things to make a lasting difference. That’s what excited me about DeVos and that is why I’m so excited to be a part of this program now.

Future Career Ambitions (1 to 2 sentences): I know that I want to work in professional sports (preferably NFL or MLB) and I have a variety of interests. I am not entirely sure exactly what I want to do but right now I am leaning toward Community Relations or Youth Engagement.

If you could play a round of golf with any three sports figures (dead or alive, on the field or off) who would you choose and why? (Examples: Michael Jordan, David Stern, Pat Summit)
This is a toughie but I would have to go with Kirby Puckett, Vince Lombardi, and Buck O’Neil. Kirby Puckett is my hands-down favorite baseball player ever and I really wish I had gotten the chance to meet him. Vince Lombardi would definitely have to be there because I feel like there is so much that I could learn from a guy like him, not just about football but about life in general – plus he was a pretty funny guy. And what can be said about Buck O’Neil – a lot of people don’t even know who he was but what that man did for the city of Kansas City, the sport of baseball, and for this country in general – especially in regard to integration and race relations – is unmatchable; he is without a doubt one of the most amazing people to have ever lived.

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