Friday, March 11, 2011

Meet the Class - Cori

One of the unique attributes of the DeVos Sport Business Management Program is the network of students who make up our program. Our class will take every course together during our tenure here at UCF and we will work on countless group projects and collaborative efforts. As a result of our shared interests in the business of sport, a natural team camaraderie is formed. However, our team is composed of people from diverse backgrounds, experiences and ambitions. We offer profiles of class members to give you an idea as to the type of people who make up our program, individuals who collectively will be leaders in sport and society and will be teammates for life.

Name: Cori Pinkett

Hometown: Atlanta, GA

Undergraduate School & Major: University of Georgia; Marketing and Sport Management Double Major

Past Sports Industry Experiences:
*University of Georgia Athletics Association Intern for Promotions
*University of Georgia Football Game Day Host
*Atlanta Falcons Logistics Intern
*Atlanta Falcons Ticket Sales and Marketing Volunteer
*2010 NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament Volunteer
*ESPN College Gameday Volunteer
*2009 NCAA Gymnastics Championship Volunteer

Current G.A. or Sports Industry Related Internship/Job: Marketing Internship Coordinator for UCF's Marketing Department

Reasons for Choosing the DeVos Program: I chose the DeVos Sport Management Program for its ability to cultivate students that can tackle social issues through the avenue of sport and its inherent family atmosphere. The directors make themselves very accessible and are committed to our success.

Future Career Ambitions (1 to 2 sentences): My ultimate goal is to be the Director of Community Relations for the Atlanta Falcons or the Atlanta Hawks. I also want to start my own business that uses sport to provide a positive after school alternative for children living in poverty stricken and lower income areas.

If you could have any superpower what would you choose and why? I would have the power of duplication so that I would be able to be more than one place at the same time and never run into the issue of stretching myself too thin.

If you had the opportunity to interview anyone dead or alive, who would you choose and what would you most want to know? I would interview Martin Luther King Jr. My questions would be: At this point in time, do you feel that your dream from the “I Have a Dream” speech has been filled? If not, how much more progression needs to be made before this dream can be realized?

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